Cauliflower Love

April 6, 2021

My strange need to purchase a head of cauliflower every time I go grocery shopping now started sometime in January. Twin Sista kept talking about how she likes to eat it slow roasted and that may have triggered the idea to buy some so I could eat more veggies. 

And in these past few months of buying cauliflower without really having a plan on what to make with it, I've discovered it's endlessly versatile and perfect for my Meatless Mondays when I'm looking for vegetarian versions of beloved meat dishes. 

Indian Butter Cauliflower from Spoon Fork Bacon. This was one of my favorite cauliflower meals of a favorite non-vegetarian dish. Since I've been missing going to Indian buffet for the past year, this was a delight to eat and make in the comfort of my kitchen. 

Honey Garlic Cauliflower from Spoon Fork Bacon. I made a lighter version by making air-fried cauliflower to create this vegetarian version of sesame chicken. Not quite a perfect sub for sesame chicken but it's still a good way to sneak veggies into your life. 

Aloo Gobi from Bon Appetit. I have watched the video of Priya making this dish several times on my tv's Bon Appetit Channel and am so glad I finally made it. It was super simple to make and so delicious with the addition of her recipe for cilantro chutney. 

Cauliflower Bolognese from Molly Baz (the recipe was part of her recipe club on patreon so join to make this!) I used red lentil pasta to be a *little* healthier so it probably wasn't the right pasta noodle to fully enjoy this bolognese. Hearty and umami-packed with the addition of anchovies-the anchovies made it seem pretty similar to another famous anchovy pasta

Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Chickpeas, Feta and Herbs from the Kitchn. Since there's been warmer weather, I feel more inclined to eat salads. This cauliflower forward salad was packed with flavor with herbs, spices, feta and even apples! Can't wait to make it again. 

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