Pillowy Cinnamon Rolls

April 12, 2021

Since I have baked the King Arthur Recipes of the Year for the past two years with much success, I decided to make this an annual occurrence. (Their recipes of the year are thoroughly tested and guaranteed to become favorites in your kitchen). 

This year’s cinnamon roll recipe has been all over Instagram and I couldn’t wait to find an occasion to bake my first cinnamon rolls (they ended up being birthday treats for my friend, Raymond). 

The secret to their pillowy texture is the addition of tangzhong, which is a roux/slurry mixed into the dough. The extra step of making it is well worth the effort. 

The Recipe: Perfectly Pillowy Cinnamon Rolls from King Arthur Baking. These are super soft, squishy, tender, pillowy rolls with a good balance between the icing, cinnamon filling and dough. Also check out King Arthur tips for baking the rolls (which I read AFTER baking them so now I have an excuse to bake them again). 

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