A Healthy Meal Amongst Chaos

May 27, 2021

I've kept up a good 4 posts a month groove for the past year but I'm feeling less inclined to write about food these days because I have some news: I'm moving out of my apartment of four years because I'm closing on a condo in the next few weeks! I'm entering full-on adult mode and it's been intimidating and stressful but I hope to come out of this in one piece. Looking forward to my new sunlit kitchen! 

So on top of house buying stress, I've been dealing with insomnia but on the bright side, a busier schedule since I'm going back to work in-person, indoors (thank you, vaccine)! So I can't say cooking around here has been too eventful. There was Kraft mac and cheese night the other day and LOTS of spring rolls and California hand rolls. Hopefully I'll find more inspiration to cook when I go to the farmers market this weekend (I skipped last week and the week before, I only bought a couple things to make it not the most eventful trip). 

And did you know the blog TEN YEAR anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks? A cupcake will definitely be had in its honor. 

Before I depart after these ramblings, here is a delicious, meatless meal I enjoyed that I managed to scrounge up with the random produce/pantry staples I had in my kitchen. The combo of quinoa and cauliflower flavored with a delightful garlicky, lemony tahini dressing and crispy tofu "katsu" made for a healthy meal in the midst of the chaos in my life these days. 
The Recipe: Crisp Tofu Katsu with Lemon Tahini Sauce from NYTimes Cooking (but linked here for free from another blog). 

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