Chocolate Chip Cookie Test No. 15: The Dessert Person (Claire Saffitz)

June 2, 2021

As a big (and relatively new) fan of the former Bon Appetit YouTube star Claire Saffitz, you can imagine how overjoyed I was when I saw that she had made a video of her Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on her YouTube channel. 
In her own words, Claire explains why her version is the best: 
  • balance of chocolate to dough
  • mix of milk and dark chocolate
  • the crispiest edge
  • the chewiest center
  • the depth of brown butter flavor
  • tons of salt! 
Recipe Notes: 
  • calls for browning butter and then cooling it down with an ice bath or waiting
  • recipe asks for heavy cream/milk to rehydrate the butter since water was lost when browning it (which gives the dough structure)
  • calls for dark brown sugar and only baking soda
  • combo of milk and dark chocolate, chopped or feves/disks (later chopped)
  • dough balls formed before going to a rest in the fridge
  • make tall dough balls since these cookies spread in the oven (and they won't be too flat)
  • dough is quite sticky, I wet my hands when forming the balls to help it not stick so much to my skin (or use a rubber spatula, not your fingers, to get the dough out of the 1/4 cup measuring scoop)
  • dough rests for 12-48 hours to age (or even as little as 2 hours)
  • long bake: 18-22 minutes! 
The Recipe: Claire Saffitz's Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dessert Person. (I got the written version from her cookbook). I kind of didn't follow her written instructions that said to brown one stick of butter and mix that with the other stick afterwards. Instead I browned both sticks of butter but was pleasantly surprised to see she did the same thing as me in her video. 

The Verdict: Claire is quite accurate in her description---these are the crispiest edges and chewiest centers I've had in a chocolate chip cookie I've baked. There is so much caramel flavor from the brown butter and are super delicious. I overbaked my first batch and they were still enjoyable. 🍪🍪🍪🍪

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