Summer Adventures: Pandemic Travels to Houston

August 29, 2021

I finally bit the bullet and hopped on a plane to make my first trip by air during the pandemic. I rebooked my Houston April 2020 trip to meet my new (and first) nephew. There was more takeout than we originally had planned and fewer visits with friends but glad I was able to safely travel to see friends and family. 

A trip to Houston always involves tacos and ramen (I can't believe I almost forgot about my favorite ramen until Twin Sista mentioned it). I did some cookie baking with my niece, Eloise, and enjoyed some pool time in the Texas heat (water slides were involved too!). 
And I even sampled a couple cupcakes from AshleyCakes, a bakery that opened after I moved and is not far from my old apartment. There are everyday flavors that are $3.75 as well as specialty ones for $4. We ordered one from each category: carrot and s'mores. 
Twin Sista and I agreed that the s'mores was more enjoyable than the carrot since it had a tasty fudgy frosting and a surprise marshmallow filling. Eloise happily enjoyed her chocolatey afternoon snack that brightened up a rainy day. 

Shady Acres
2032 East TC Jester Boulevard
Houston, Texas

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