Quick Beef and Celery

March 29, 2022

One of my favorite quick meals to make is a Chinese recipe of beef and celery (and only four more additional ingredients. It's flavorful, a little spicy and so delicious that you'll wonder how it was whipped up in no time. 

The most time consuming element is waiting for rice to cook (which I recommend eating with this dish) and chopping up celery. I omitted the step of blanching the celery. It leaves out the extra time to wait for water to boil and using another pot. Blanching is to get rid of the bite that celery can have but even as a person who doesn't love celery, I didn't think this dish had a harsh celery flavor. 
The Recipe Fuchsia Dunlop's Send-the-Rice-Down Chopped Celery and Beef is a quick meal to make when you want to eat something that tastes as if it took a long time to make. You can find Sichuan chili bean paste at your local Asian grocery. I like this brand

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