Black Sesame Hamantaschen

March 15, 2022

I decided to forgo Pi Day this year even though I had initially thought 2022 would be my year of pies. Instead, I kept up with my tradition of baking hamantaschen for Purim (I had always admired my classmates with hungry eyes when they brought these triangular-shaped cookies to school for the Jewish holiday). 
I'm not sure why but I'm still avoiding baking the traditional poppy seed flavor (I think I'm still scarred from eating a poppy seed filled kolache years ago). I decided to turn to hamantaschen queen (and one of my favorites) Molly Yeh and baked black sesame filled hamantaschen. 

I only had 1/3 cup of black sesame seeds so I whipped up this chocolate filling from a recipe I used for my first hamantaschen a few years ago to fill the rest of my cookie dough. 
The Recipe: Black Sesame Hamantaschen from Molly Yeh (you can access the recipe for free on by signing up for a free account). 
The Verdict: The black sesame filling isn't sweet, which took me a few bites to figure out if I actually did like it---I do! I was a little concerned after I made the filling that it was too bitter so I added a splash of vanilla extract and a tad more sugar. I can see why Asians love black sesame since it isn't too sweet. I've baked with black sesame in the past and have had other desserts with it but it's been so long that I almost forgot how it would taste: a little nutty and toasty. 
This dough from Molly's recipe is by far my favorite since it reminded me of a her rugelach dough (which is flaky like a pie rather than crumbly like a cookie). 

The chocolate filling was just as delicious as I remembered from years ago. Velvety chocolatey goodness. 

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