Pasta Salad Weather

May 30, 2022

Now that it's Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer, it means endless picnics, bbqs, pool parties, etc! I celebrated this momentous occasion by trying out Alison Roman's new pasta salad, since I was OBSESSED with her zucchini pasta salad last year.
I love summer and warmer weather but currently I am without working air conditioning so it's a little toasty in my house at the moment. But I am proud to report that this pasta salad only required boiling water/pasta so there was minimal heat in the kitchen. 

The Recipe: Alison Roman's Pasta Salad with Peas and Parmesan
The Results: This pasta salad is classic Alison Roman: bright, savory and packed with so much flavor--a little cheesy, garlicky and herby. I love the pop of texture from the snap peas and peas. An extra bonus was using my farmer market produce (and I even threw in some roasted asparagus). 

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