October 27, 2022

One of my favorite meals as a child was eating bibimbap so it's only fitting that it's what I usually order when I'm eating at a Korean restaurant. I'm now at a point in my adult life where I'm ready to try to recreate it in my own kitchen. 

Bibimbap is a quintessential grain bowl: grains + protein + veggies + sauce.
This is the version I made recently for a dinner party:  
The Recipe: Maangchi's guide to Bibimbap was the perfect primer for the bibimbap novice in me. And her recipe for bulgogi was perfect for bibimbap as well. 

On a side note: In my childhood, Dad Chung would often critique my bibimbap based on the color and texture of my fully-mixed bowl. To him, redder and wetter was better. We would often add the juices leftover from the bulgogi and pickled veggies (they definitely add more flavor). 

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