Cupcake Costume 2.0

October 31, 2022

In my search for the perfect DIY Halloween costume this year, I found myself googling cupcake costumes. I usually don't repeat costumes and I already went down that road of being a cupcake back in 2009 (chronicled here on the blog). But something made me want to try to craft a better cupcake this year. 

I found this DIY cupcake costume that used tights instead of quilt batting to construct the frosting. This seemed much easier than my last attempt---but in actuality, this year's frosting tubes seemed a little lumpier. *I think I prefer the look of the quilt batting frosting layers but using tights was definitely easier and quicker. 
The part I'm most proud of on this year's costume is the pleated gold skirt I found at a thrift store. The elastic band on this children's skirt allowed it to be inverted to make the shape of a cupcake liner and it gave me the ability to still walk in it since the stretchy waist on the skirt was around my thighs. The "cupcake liner" was attached to the frosting tubes with safety pins---I was not adventurous enough to use my very limited sewing skills. 

Overall, I think Cupcake 2022 is a vast improvement from Cupcake 2009. 
Cupcake Costume 2.0 inspired by style me pretty
white or pink tights/panyhose (a mix of footless and regular--about 4-5 pairs should do)
pillow stuffing
hot glue gun
styrofoam hair curlers from dollar tree or colored felt for sprinkles
pleated skirt with an elastic band
safety pins
red fabric 
green pipe cleaner
white suspenders
1. Cut off legs from tights. Stuff with pillow stuffing into tights with feet. Roll on footless tights when more tubing is needed. The tube of "frosting" should wrap easily around the circumference of your torso. Use hot glue to attach more tights to frosting layer. Repeat 2-3 more times but make each subsequent frosting tube shorter and thinner to create layers. 
2. Glue frosting tubes together. 
3. Remove wire from hair curlers and cut styrofoam into 2-3 inch sprinkles. Glue onto frosting tubes. 
4. Invert skirt so bottom of skirt will be attached to bottom layer of frosting. Safety pin or sew skirt to bottom frosting layer. 
5. To construct cherry headband: wrap red fabric around styrofoam half ball. Glue fabric to styrofoam. Poke green pipe cleaner to the top of the cherry. Glue cherry onto headband. 
6. Attach suspenders to the inside of the frosting/skirt to add extra support to costume. 
7. Wear fun accessories. Happy Halloween! 

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