DIY Mulled Wine Spice Bags

December 18, 2022

The theme of my Christmas season this year is simple. I'm being more protective of my downtime from work so I've been searching for easier recipes to bake and I really wanted to find a less involved DIY Holiday gift this year. (I'm still scarred from the previous years' gifts: hot cocoa bombs, beeswax wraps and cupcake ornaments). 
These mulled wine spice bags are the perfect, easy DIY holiday gift to craft! All you have to do is procure the spices and then assemble the bags (cheese cloth works well too). I even took a shortcut and bought candied orange peel (but then found orange peel from the World Market spice section) to throw in the bags rather than drying my own orange peel in the oven. 

Warm, spice-filled wine during the holidays is always the perfect treat. I have extra fond memories of my grandma downing two mugs and not realizing her drinks were filled with alcohol! 
Recipe Tips: 
  • Shop at stores that have a bulk spice section--this makes it cheaper and easier to get the amount you need. (I love Sprouts, Hy-vee or local health food stores). 
  • Asian or Mexican Groceries are also a cheaper option for buying packaged spices. I found an 8oz bag of cinnamon sticks for $5.50 at a Chinese market (my local regular grocery store had a 1oz bag for $3.40). 
  • Brown sugar can be subbed for turbinado sugar. 
  • Attach a festive or cute label for gifting with instructions on how to warm up the wine with the spice pouch. 
The Recipe: DIY Mulled Wine Spice Bags from Little Seed Farm. This tutorial suggests using cheese cloth but I found these fillable tea bags so the spices can stay secure inside the pouch. And don't forget to compost the bag once you're done! Also Cabernets or any dry, red wines are good for making mulled wine. 

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