Holiday Baking 2022 Continues...

December 23, 2022

I had every intention to keep my holiday baking/crafting to a minimum this season but somehow I found myself baking two more cookie recipes and revisiting the high maintenance hot cocoa bombs that I made last year. 

Stollen Bars from Molly Yeh- a stollen loaf is the German equivalent of a Christmas fruit cake, packed with nuts, spices and dried fruit (sometimes marzipan) and dusted with powdered sugar. These stollen bars were a new way for me to pack in marzipan this time of year and since they were in bar form, they were easy to assemble. 
*Recipe Note: I would use the zest from half an orange instead of a whole since I found the bars a little too orange-y for my taste. But nonetheless, these were fruity and delicious. 

Pecan Pie Rugelach from Vallery Lomas (but used Dorie Greenspan's dough)- I was excited to try a new rugelach recipe this year with this pecan pie filling. They're like little pecan pies but in rugelach form making this a mashup of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah! 

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