Dilly Soups

January 23, 2023

With the discovery of my newfound tolerance for dill, I decided dive head first into some very dill-forward recipes from the dill queen herself, Alison Roman. (If you don't watch her YouTube channel, she talks a lot about her strong love for dill and to be honest, she is part of the reason why I tried to get myself to try dill with a more open mind in the past 1+ years). 

Full disclosure, I have not graduated to Alison Roman-level of dill fandom. Sometimes I toe the line of dill having a too pungent odor/taste of freshly cut grass, which isn't the most appetizing flavor but then after a few bites of whatever it is that I'm having with dill, I warm up and settle into the strong, sharp herby flavor. 

Being that it is peak winter season right now, soups were a perfect way to incorporate Alison Roman-dill recipes into my life. She has two equally delicious and dill-forward soups (extra bonus because they're meatless and I'm still trying to incorporate more meatless recipes in my life). 

Dilly Bean Stew with Cabbage and Frizzled Onions- This soup is more earthy with the cabbage and beans but so flavorful with the addition of frizzled onions. 

Potato Leek Soup- It's a bright, tangy comforting soup that has a lovely flavor reminiscent of dill pickles (the only way I used to tolerate dill until recently). 

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