Barbie Pink Beet Dip

August 29, 2023

I've been seeing several posts online about Barbie Pasta, made from beets. Nothing about the color or the thick sauce coating pasta noodles looks appetizing. But in this summer of Barbie-mania, people can't get enough of pink, even in their food.
If you're going in the route of pink foods, this beet dip has been a favorite of mine for a couple summers. It's beet season and not only is it beautiful, it tastes delicious too! (I'm just now realizing this is probably some variation of these beet pasta sauces floating around the internet but somehow in dip-form, it is more appealing). 
The Recipe: Garlicky Beet Dip with Walnuts from Alison Roman's cookbook Nothing Fancy. She swirls in yogurt to make pretty swirls in the dip. She also suggests using carrots or sweet potato as a substitute for beets. Serve with pita chips, crackers, plantain chips or carrots. 

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