Fall Adventures: Germany and Switzerland

November 21, 2023

I tagged along with the bf and his family and friends to a weeklong trip to Germany and Switzerland while they cheered on the KC Chiefs in their overseas game in Frankfurt, Germany. We marveled at the European architecture, ate our weight in Swiss chocolates and sausage and I even had a cupcake! 
Frankfurt | Heidelburg | Zurich | Lucerne | Baden-Baden 

German Delicacies: 
Sausages, spaetzle, schnitzel, sauerkraut---I ate all of the "s" foods of Germany along with some Frankfurt specialties: Apfelwein (apple wine) that I had (with the recommendation of some ex-pats) mixed with sparkling water. The result was a little muted/bland/dry apple cider that had no hint of sweetness. Frankfurt Green Sauce, another Frankfurt specialty, accompanied our giant platter of meat. The herby sour cream sauce was a lovely addition to the salty, meaty meal. 

Swiss Delicacies: 
We sampled three types of cheese fondue at Swiss Chuchi Restaurant along with traditional Swiss dumplings called Capuns. We gobbled up Swiss chocolates at Confiserie Sprüngli, Läderach, Lindt (also went to the chocolate museum!) and Max Chocolatier

The Cakes: 
While in the Black Forest of Germany, I was determined to try authentic Black Forest Cake (where its origins are). Schwarzwälder Kirschtore was heavy on the kirsch (cherry brandy) but the boozy cake was delightful nonetheless at Café König in Baden-Baden. 
While in Lucerne, I popped into a bakery called Bachmann that my friend had recommended and to my surprise, saw cupcakes in the display case. I purchased a cupcake they called Schutzengeli, which translates to guardian angel. 

It was a chocolate cake with hazelnut frosting and topped with their guardian angel truffle: a praline cream and wafer brittle topped with hazelnuts and chocolate. It was €4.40 and they had five cupcakes available. 
The cupcake was light but flavorful and not too sweet. The frosting was a little too buttery but it was enjoyable. Cheers to my first European cupcake! 

Confiseur Bachmann
Alpenstrasse 9, 60002
Lucerne, Switzerland 

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