The First Batch of Holiday Cookies 2023

December 12, 2023

It's become tradition for me to bake about three different kinds of holiday cookies every year, one always being rugelach, a pastry typically eaten during Hanukkah. Its cream cheese enriched dough creates a pie-like filled cookie that is super tasty when savory or sweet. 
Since I've baked sweet rugelach the last four years, I turned to a savory recipe from Molly Yeh for this year's rugelach. 
The Recipe: Tomato Jam Rugelach from Molly Yeh incorporates parmesan cheese into the dough, making this an extra pizza-like treat. She provides a recipe for tomato jam but I took a semi-homemade route and purchased some at a local gourmet shop. 
The Results: The tomato jam was a little sweet and spicy which resulted in a savory yet sweet and a tad spicy mini pie-like cookie. I hope it was morale booster for my tired colleagues as we performed our eighth concert in 4 days a few days ago. 

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