The Bean Bandwagon

April 30, 2024

I only just found out a few months ago that beans, in particular heirloom beans, have been THE foodie ingredient for years. The pandemic helped with its rise in popularity. Once I found out about the heirloom bean company Rancho Gordo, I am seeing it all over foodie accounts on instagram. Apparently a year ago, 27,000 people were on their waitlist to join their Bean Club
Lucky for me, a local retailer sells Rancho Gordo beans so I jumped on the dried bean bandwagon. One of my favorite recipe developers, Alison Roman, can't get enough of beans so I first tried her Pot of Brothy Beans recipe. Then I tried Melissa Clark's Big Pot of Beans recipe. 

Things I've Learned About Making a Pot of Beans
  • You don't have to do an overnight soak but you'll have to cook them longer. I got better results after soaking dried beans overnight. 
  • A pot of beans is a no-recipe recipe and endlessly customizable---water, beans, aromatics, herbs, flavor bomb of choice (parmesan rind, bacon, sausage, etc).  Serve with more herbs, microgreens, more parm, soft boiled egg etc. 
  • Beans taste great on toasted sourdough bread. Now I understand the British dish Beans on Toast. 
  • A well-cooked bean is deliciously creamy and flavorful. 
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