Cupcakes + Bridges = ?

July 7, 2011

This may be the longest span of time so far that I've gone without a cupcake: A WHOLE WEEK!  Since last week, I was busy/lazy...if that's even possible.  Anyway today's cupcake adventure is sponsored by The Cupcake Counter.  
located at: 229 W Madison, The Loop, Chicago
This cute, independently owned store bakes their cupcakes on the premises.  I'm assuming that the two people that were behind the counter were father & son, which makes this place even more appealing.  Both chatted to me a lil bit about their cupcakes and they seemed so proud of their lil cakes!  Preservative-free and baked with love, The Cupcake Counter offers six everyday flavors and one "surprise" flavor, which is unveiled each day on their Facebook page.  

With my partner-in-crime in tow (aka David Park), I asked for recommendations.  To my surprise, the man had recommendations based on gender.  He said most ladies prefer Red Velvet or Carrot while men prefer Chocolate Chocolate.  So I chose Carrot for me and Chocolate Chocolate for the man friend (but really we shared the two..gender schmender...).  
After our super tasty dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, Saigon Sisters, in the West Loop, we engorged the cupcakes.  Cutely decorated, these two flavors were a delicious dessert.  The Carrot was spongy in texture but in a good, moist kind of way. It was topped with a perfectly made Cream Cheese Frosting...just a lil tangy and just sweet enough.  The Chocolate Chocolate was moist and perfectly chocolatey.  David and I agreed that it had a yummy Hershey's chocolate/hot chocolate flavor (if that makes any us it did).  The boy behind the counter said it would be the best chocolate frosting we'd ever had, and I'd hafta say he wasn't lying.  

With our bellies happily filled, David and I decided to walk off the Vietnamese Food and Cupcakes.  Along the way, we encountered my arch nemesis: bridges.  I'm terrified of heights and I'm a horrible swimmer so bridges take two fears of mine and turn me into a sweaty palmed, anxious mess.  David, being such a "great" friend, thought today was the day for me to conquer my fear.  He insisted I walk slowly across the bridges and enjoy the shaky/bumpiness on them as cars drove across.  Let me tell you, after four bridges, I'm still a mess...and I can't believe I agreed to his madness.  
Anyway, back to the cupcakes. Priced at $3.03, take home a Cupcake Counter Cupcake on your way to the opera, the train station, work, dinner, etc.  It's located a block away from the Civic Opera House and a couple blocks from Union and Ogilvie Train Stations.  

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