Picnic in the Park

July 13, 2011

Tonight was my first concert off this summer and what did I do?  I went to my first GP concert in Millennium Park!  I was super excited to be on the other side in the audience rather than on the stage, enjoying some light Broadway music with a picnic.  
What better way to enjoy a picnic than with some cupcakes!  I had a ME day today and enjoyed some retail therapy at Water Tower and then stopped by my fav cupcake bakery from last summer: Sprinkles.  Sprinkles is the world's first cupcake bakery, which started in 2005 in Beverly Hills.  After hearing about Sprinkles opening in Chicago last summer, I made an effort to go before my summer was over in the city.  OMG all I remember is how great the cupcake was.  Today, I was hoping that my memory was correct after a year. 
located at: 50 E Walton, Gold Coast, Chicago
I ordered Key Lime, Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin and Red Velvet for the picnic with my pals from college.  We all thoroughly enjoyed these cupcakes!  I ate the Key Lime Cupcake, a seasonal special, which was a lil tangy from the lime but not too sweet and a lil mild.  It was the perfect texture, even 4 hours after I bought them.  It was moist and perfectly delicious!  It was just as good as I remembered!  
me + the gays
Priced at $3.50, Sprinkles Cupcakes live up to the hype of the brand.  You can find Sprinkles across the country.  They even offer doggie cupcakes!  I might be saying this prematurely but this may be my favorite cupcake of the summer.

Anyhoo, it was a perfect summer night in Chicago: a lil chilly, good company, fun music, tasty wine, great backdrop-Millennium Park and of course AMAZING CUPCAKES.  I only wish I had more nights off to enjoy these concerts from the lawn.    


  1. that sprinkles shop is so cute!!!

  2. did you go to aritzia at water tower? :p

  3. yes i did go to aritzia....except nothing fit me right :(