Buffalo Chicken...Cupcake?

February 6, 2012 Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

Two days off from work and time for a short trip! 
Where to? Miami Beach!
I moved away from Miami Beach last May after spending 2.5 fun filled years there. Being just a few hours away, I decided to take advantage of one of my only two day weekends to visit friendsies in Sobe. 

As usual, the Plymouth Hotel hosted a Super Bowl Party filled with lots of food. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of football. All those years in high school marching band didn't really develop an interest in the game for me. The party was more for the food + company. 

The other day, Sista Min posted a CRAZY recipe on my fb wall for Buffalo Chicken Super Bowl Cupcakes. To be honest, I was totally mortified and grossed out at the idea. I had no intention of baking them and then lo and behold, someone had baked them for the Super Bowl Party. (I'm not sure if it's the exact same recipe but it did come complete with a blue cheese frosting). 
Well, just smelling the cupcake really freaked me out. Blue cheese and hot sauce coming from a cupcake was really an unappetizing smell. I've programmed my brain to think: cupcakes=sweet. I wasn't sure how to eat it either so I just took off the chicken wing and went in for a bite of the cupcake. OMG. It was surprisingly tasty! The blue cheese wasn't strong and the cake itself tasted like caramelized brown sugar. Then I took a bite of the chicken wing, and it had a nice charred taste to miraculously complement the cupcake. In the end, the cupcake was kind of sweet. 

Whaaaaat? I'm so confused by this cupcake but it works. I dunno how, but it works. Watch out Super Bowl 2013. Chung's gonna make some Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes. 

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