February 14, 2012

My Google Reader has been filling up with romantic, lovey-dovey recipes for Valentine's Day: Date Night meals, Cake for Two, etc. I went that route a few times for this holiday. I once bought a heart shaped cupcake pan from Target only to make some sad looking (and not heart-shaped) cupcakes. I even made a romantic dish, well according to Rachael Ray, it was romantic. 

Well, I have no recommendations or a recipe for the perfect cupcake for two. I say: eat whatever, do whatever, enjoy the day! 

Today, I am celebrating with Samoas and Thin Mints. This totally wasn't planned. I was pleasantly surprised today when my order for Girl Scout cookies came in. Yay! 
Since the object of my affection, Top Chef finalist Paul Qui, doesn't know I exist, I'm going to enjoy the company of friends tonight for a post-concert drink, girly time. 

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