A Second Chance

August 27, 2012

I was almost was going to leave Houston without venturing to the Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique. I had been there once 3+ years ago and it was the second cupcake bakery I had ever visited. My first two experiences weren't great. I was actually convinced cupcake bakeries were a bad idea (Oh my, how times have changed)

What I remember about my first Sugarbaby's experience was a dry, overly sweet and very disappointing cupcake. I was avoiding the bakery this year, fearing that I would be face-to-face with yet another horrible cupcake. I assumed I already knew where their cupcakes would stand on my ratings scale. 
located at: 3310 South Shepherd Drive, Montrose, Houston, Texas
The other day, I found myself on my way home from running errands and then taking an early exit off the highway to make my way to Sugarbaby's. Maybe it was the mediocre cupcake from Three Brothers Bakery that made me still yearn to find an incredible cupcake in Houston. Why that led me to Sugarbaby's, I'll never know. I was hopeful even though I was pretty sure my cupcake would be bad. 

Yelp reviews for this bakery had scathing comments on customer service. I, however, was greeted by a friendly employee who happily gave me her recommendation of their Chocolate Dulce de Leche cupcake. Each of their cupcakes are $3.25. 
Well, I'm glad I gave Sugarbaby's a second chance. I absolutely loved my cupcake! It was perfectly moist, super flavorful and had a delicious chocolate cake. My only criticism: it was a tad too sweet, probably because of the dulce de leche filling and topping. Maybe they changed their recipes or maybe I just got their best cupcake. I'm just so happy to have found an OMG YUM cupcake in Houston.  
cupcake: dissected
I was too quick to judge. Maybe I'm going to have to reconsider other bad experiences and give them a second chance. Hmmm...

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