Still Looking...

August 25, 2012

I'm not giving up. I determined to find an OMG AMAZING cupcake here in Houston. But after almost twenty cupcakes here in steamy, hot Houston, I haven't found any to really spark my fancy. Like my quest for the perfect pair of black concert shoes or the man of my dreams (they so obviously go hand-in-hand), I suppose I have to try out a lot duds to get to that super-duper one. 

I have five days left to find that cupcake. If it isn't here, then I'll write off Houston as a yummy food city but not a yummy cupcake city. 

I decided to take my hunt to an everything bakery that makes a plethora of cupcakes daily. I counted about FIFTEEN different flavors yesterday in the display cases of the Three Brothers Bakery. Three Brothers Bakery is a family-owned store that was featured on Food Network's Outrageous Foods with their Pumpecapple Piecake (3 different pies, each baked inside a different flavored cake, all combined into a 3 tiered monstrosity topped with cream cheese frosting. similiar to a cherpumple). 
located at: 4036 South Braeswood Blvd, Braeswood Place, Houston, Texas
My friends, who have all lived in Houston for at least five years, had never heard of the bakery but once I entered the bakery, I could tell it was a favorite amongst many. There was quite a line to wait in when I got there late on a Friday afternoon. 

I was eyeing a Reese's topped cupcake but shuddered at the thought of the candy-cake-frosting combo. Sugar Attack! So instead I opted for the Oreo cupcake, which was so beautifully decorated. Each of their jumbo cupcakes are $3.95
I so desperately wanted this cupcake to be The One. But whenever I put high expectations on things, it usually doesn't work in my favor. This was a fair cupcake. Moist enough, but nothing special. Just a chocolate cupcake without really a hint of oreo flavor. If the frosting tasted better than what it did (kind of like grocery store frosting), then I think this cupcake could have been spectacular. There's just always something that doesn't make it The One. 

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