Baby Nugget

September 2, 2012

I'm officially moved out of Houston. I'm slowly making my way up North and along the way, I took a lil detour to Bloomington, Illinois-home to Big Sista, brother in-law and my new niece! In the womb she was just Baby Nugget but now she's a real lil person: Baby Sophie
Having just become a first-time Auntie and never being around newborns, I can't believe how teeny tiny she is! 
My visit also included some cupcakes, which I guess is no surprise. Big Sista wanted to treat me to some cupcakes from one of her favorite spots: Kelly's Bakery & Cafe. The cupcakes are a lil on the smaller side so they are $1.75 each. We had nutella, vanilla with peach frosting, and red velvet
Each were topped with gritty, very sweet frosting. The Nutella cupcake was the only one worth mentioning. It was our favorite of the three and had a mild nutella flavor but was the most moist. Regardless of cupcakes, it was a fun visit and so glad I got to meet my lil niece. 

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