August 17, 2012

I heart bingo. I always have. I'm going to be one happy senior citizen one day when there are a plethora of bingo games to play in my retirement. I'm not alone in my love for bingo. In Houston, in the neighborhood of the Heights, every Thursday night there is bingo at the local community center. I've been turned away TWICE because they were over capacity (700+ people). It's an eclectic mix of hipsters, seniors and families. 
the fancy podium for the bingo caller
Since bingo was on my Houston bucket list, I got there extra early to ensure a place in the bingo hall. You have to arrive about two hours early, with dinner and snacks and even other games in tow to fill the time (Doors open at 5:15 but games don't start until 7:15). If you get there early, you can even save spots for your friends if they can't arrive until later. So, I had Twin Sista grab some cupcakes when she arrived a bit later since we were pressed for time to get there super early. (Did that even make sense? Running late to get there early, hmmm). 
Just a lil bit away from bingo is the What's Up Cupcake house. Each cupcake is $3 and they also serve sno-cones. They even have a mobile cupcake truck that roams the streets of the Heights. I had Twin Sista grab several different flavors for our bingo group to share. She purchased Snickers, blueberry and banana pudding
located at: 632 W. 20th Street, The Heights, Houston, Texas
I had a tasting of each and all of them were nothing to write home about. The fruit flavored ones were a bit artificial tasting. The Snickers had a nice surprise with an actual piece of Snickers in the middle but it was not quite moist and not quite tasty. The frosting wasn't too sweet but it was also a lil gritty from the powdered sugar. Our group of six all weren't so excited. 
I was hoping to turn a non-cupcake fan into a cupcake lover with these cupcakes, but no such luck. These weren't the cupcakes to change someone's mind. The six of us couldn't even finish the cupcakes. 
Bingo was super entertaining, however. No winners amongst us but with good company, booze and the possibility of winning a huge jackpot (the highest prize was $600), we all had an enjoyable Thursday night. 

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