Things I'll Miss & My Houston Bucket List, Part 1

August 21, 2012

I'm down to my last ten days in Houston. I've been finding myself going to places I kept labeling in the Oh I should go there... category. (And I'm avoiding packing like the plague). 

The You'll Be Missed List:
Kolaches. Finally got a fruit-filled kolache! Reminiscent of a fruit-filled danish but different since the pastry is savory (like a dinner roll) and contrasts nicely against the jelly-like, sweet fruit filling. Yum. 
This view from my window of downtown Houston and Hermann Park. 
Chloe the Cat.
Chinese Food Feasts. Hanging out with Taiwanese/Chinese friends has its perks: they know where the good, authentic Chinese food is in Houston. This is not your average sweet and sour chicken-type of Chinese. It's spicy, numbing, sometimes stinky but oh-so-good. And it has turned me into an eggplant eater. (My favorites: Mala, 888, O'Yeah Cafe). 

Things crossed off my Bucket List:
Had a real dinner at Uchi after only having their social hour specials a few times. After a friend told me he was brought to tears during his meal there because the food was that good, I knew I had to eat a proper meal at Uchi. Partook in a 6 course chef's tasting with a mixture of hot and cold entrees. Loved the sushi. Wasn't brought to tears but did enjoy the unique food experience. (The above picture: tuna + goat cheese + apple. whoa). 
Can't believe I'm following the Uchi experience with a trip to the Texas food chain, Taco Cabana. It's a step up from Taco Bell and home to Tex-Mex cuisine. I'm not convinced yet if I like Tex-Mex but I had another go at it. Nothing special but just needed a quick bite when I was on-the-go one day. 

To Be Continued...

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