Things I'll Miss & My Houston Bucket List, Part 2

September 4, 2012

All moved out of Houston. Packing wasn't so bad. I definitely don't miss the 100+ degree weather (ask me this in a couple months and I'll probably say I do). I've made my 1000+ mile journey to my parents' house in Illinois and will continue my trip to Buffalo in the next week. 

Here's my continued Ode to Houston...

Bucket List Accomplishments:
Tex-Mex. I had proper Tex-Mex after the Taco Cabana debacle. Enchiladas from Chuy's. Cheesy and delicious. 
Karaoke! I heart it and don't care how unpleasant my singing voice may be. Twin Sista joined me in a rendition of 'N Sync's It's Gonna Be Me.
Kimchi Fries. I've been to FOUR places that serve kimchi fries in Houston. The above are from the Coreanos food truck. They're definitely more smoky than the others I've tried. My favorite are from Oh My Gogi's food truck. 

The You'll Be Missed List:
Thursday Night Bingo. Although the odds of winning are slim, I still love it. 
Food Trucks. Houston food trucks were inventive, accesible and tasty. My food truck experiences in Chicago were always subpar since they weren't allowed to cook onboard until a month ago. My favorite in Houston was The Waffle Bus. Didn't get a pic but imagine a chicken and waffle sandwich. Amazing. 
My friends. Somehow this was the only pic of some of my favorite Houstonians. In the past year, I stopped taking pictures with people and only took pictures of food. Sheesh. I'll miss you all! 

Until we meet again, Houston. xoxo

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