Friday Things

October 5, 2012

My Google Reader inbox floods with posts titled Tuesday Things, Thursday Things, Weekend Things. These must be a thing in the blog world. I'm not too keen on the hip things people do in blogging but lemme try to follow suit because I have insomnia at the moment, and what else is there to do? (I'm a few hours too late for this post to be titled Thursday Things).

1. I think today marked the last good warm weather day of the year. It got up to 71 degrees according to The Weather but my car said 80+ when I drove home from work. I'm going with my car, cause it's always right...
This also means bye bye summer dresses. They were year-round dresses when I lived in Houston/Miami. They'll be good when I go to Florida next week but peace out, in Buffalo. 

2. Was adventurous this week and bought beets for the first time ever. I've had raw beets before but this was my first encounter cooking and eating them. I used this very helpful post and successfully cooked the beets. 
They tasted a bit like mild potatoes. Am I totally off-base here? They were delicious nonetheless. And they were invited to join my roasted vegetable medley that I so often make when I feel like I need to eat more veggies. 
3. Even with the warm weather, it didn't stop me from wearing these bad boys. Totally obsessed. 
I've gushed about them before but I'm going to again. They are basically down blankets for your feet. When you can't control the heat in your apartment, these will come in handy very soon. 

4. This Ikea Lamp was the only downside to my trip the other day. Yes I got suckered into buying it because it was cute and cheap. When I got home, I realized it didn't match my room (I love green but clashes with my aqua-colored bed sheets and totally forgot about them when choosing the color) and it doesn't use regular sized lightbulbs. It took me two purchases of bulbs to realize this (I guess I'm not good at reading labels. I had to buy bulbs off of amazon). Lamp: fail. (And I'm too lazy to drive back to Canada to exchange the lamp).
5. To end on a high note, I love these pillows. The end. 

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