An Escape Back to Summer

October 15, 2012

I escaped the cool fall temps in Buffalo and went to sunny and warm Tampa for the past week. While it was for work, I did have some time for sun, fun and cupcakes. 
While I am liking fall more than I ever have in my life, I didn't mind being reminded of how much I love warm weather, palm trees and flip flops. 
had the whole pool to myself
I was super excited to spend some time with old friends and we of course partook in eating some cupcakes during my visit. Jeffrey and I had a not so great cupcake experience back in January in St. Petersburg so he took me to new place in town, Sweet!, in hopes of turning our cupcake karma around. 
located at: 1100 4th Street N, St. Petersburg, Florida
The bakery had a large array of flavors ranging from chocolate to cotton candy. They also offer a cupcake bar to customize your cupcake with frosting and candy toppings. Regular cupcakes are $3 each while the customized cupcakes are $3.50. We decided to share a tiramisu and a German Chocolate.
While the German Chocolate was definitely more moist, I wasn't convinced of the flavor. It was a lil too coconut-y for me and a lil too sweet. The tiramisu definitely won in the taste category. It was a lil boozy and perfectly sweet.  And it was cutely decorated with a pirouette cookie on top.  
I think had Jeffrey not been there to help me eat them, I don't think these were tasty enough for me to finish the entire cupcake. Seems like a hit or miss with the cupcakes here. 

The Tampa Bay area seems to have a few more cupcake bakeries for me to try the next time I get to visit in May. Until then, I'll be dreaming of palm trees while I'm buried in several feet of snow here in Buffalo. 

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