Sponge Candy

March 12, 2013

I just hit my six-month anniversary for being in Buffalo. To mark this momentous occasion, I thought I would reacquaint myself with a Buffalo favorite: Sponge Candy
Sponge Candy is a chocolate-covered toffee and comes in a variety of flavors: milk chocolate, orange and dark chocolate. The toffee is the "spongey" part of the candy (although I don't think it's very sponge-like). It's super crispy and melts once it hits your mouth, kind of like a malt ball. It wasn't birthed in Buffalo but is fully embraced by Buffalonians. 
sponge candy: dissected
I was first told about this Buffalo treat when I lived here briefly two years ago. I bought a whole package of it at the grocery store and found myself unable to consume more than one piece. It was too crispy and too rough and just strange. Well, I thought I'd give it another go and only buy several pieces just in case I was unable to consume them all again. 

I think I found the secret to eating the candy. Once you take a bite, don't continue chewing or else you'll get a sticky mess stuck to your teeth (unless you enjoy that. I don't, which makes me not a fan of most toffee). Upon biting, allow the "sponge" to melt and then the sugary-ness from the sponge and the chocolate mesh together to create a unique flavor.

My favorite is definitely the dark chocolate since I love its bitterness. I'm not completely convinced of its amazingness (sorry, Buffalo), but I think I can finish these six chocolates in some time. 

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