March 14, 2013

Lately I've been finding myself doing anything but work these days. Case in point: the lil movie I put together this fine Thursday afternoon. I was inspired by the video app Vine. I downloaded it yesterday and got totally distracted. I don't have a twitter but I'm really amusing myself.

What is Vine? It's a video making app that gives the user six seconds to create short snippets and then put it on loop. Some people have made stop motion animation clips. Super impressive. 

I decided to make a video with my real camera and took random shots of my cracker-making today (and allowed myself a lil more than six seconds). 
As for the crackers, I was inspired by this post and also wanted to find a way to recreate my favorite Rosemary Crackers from Trader Joe's. Um, not a total success but it was one way to keep the procrastination going strong.

Enjoy. My second time with iMovie since this lovely attempt

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