Summertime Baking

June 26, 2013

It's officially summer and I couldn't be more ecstatic. With summer comes the obvious warmer weather, more sun and summer produce. Lately, I've been baking with summer goodies.

Last year, Sista Min baked some super delicious blueberry cookies and I couldn't wait to bake them for myself this year. They are super soft and one friend aptly described them as muffin top cookies. A little salty, a little buttery and completely tasty.
I also brought out my mini doughnut pan for a second blueberry treat. These blueberry doughnuts incorporate buttermilk (I used plain Greek yogurt instead) and whole wheat flour to create a healthier baked goodie. The mini size allows you to just pop them in your mouth for a quick breakfast or snack.
I gave rhubarb a second chance after buying some at my local farmers market last weekend. I made this recipe for deliciously cute Rhubarb Ginger Bars. They are like lemon bars, incorporating a curd and crust.
Mine weren't as vibrantly pink (more of a peachy color) and not quite gingery but they were tart and sweet and yummy. Try out some rhubarb bars (try saying that quickly three times in a row) or you can streamline the name to rhubars.

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