Cupcake Overload?

July 31, 2014

I haven't done so much cupcaking in such a short amount of time since the last time I was getting ready to move to a new city. In just the last week, I sampled a total of 7 cupcakes (from 4 bakeries)!

KupKates is an unusual cupcake bakery since it is only open for a few hours every Sunday. But during the summer, it sets up an additional location at the South Buffalo Farmers Market.
located at: 956 Abbott Road, South Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
Since I have only a limited amount of Sundays left here in Buffalo (and I'm taking a couple weekend trips before I leave), I wasn't sure if I would make it to the shop. But lucky for me, my friend Jenn made a stop to the farmers market booth and picked me up a duo of vanilla cupcakes from KupKates, which was $3 for 2 cupcakes!
I'm sad to say that I could only really sample one cupcake since the vanilla with vanilla frosting proved to be inedible for me. (The frosting only tasted of shortening). The vanilla with chocolate frosting was better but was quite oily. The frosting was pretty sweet and overall, this was just a mediocre cupcake.
After my KupKates, I thought I only had one more bakery on my list for Buffalo but then I stumbled upon some cupcakes last night when I was out dinnering with my new special friend. We were dining at Butterwood Sweet and Savory, which is part fine dining restaurant and part European bakery. It started out as a bakery in West Falls, New York and then moved to a downtown location and expanded into a restaurant.
located at: Hotel Lafayette, 391 Washington Street, Downtown, Buffalo, New York
There were about six large cupcakes available yesterday that were so beautifully decorated. Their entire dessert case is really a beauty. I decided on a key lime cupcake with mango cream cheese frosting and the friend ordered a chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting. Each cupcake is $4.05.
only had my iPhone last night. the pics can't really capture how beautiful these cupcakes were.
Well, while these might be the most stunning cupcakes I have ever laid eyes on, sadly they did not taste as good as they looked. After my many cupcakes in the past week, these are actually the worst: dry and not pleasingly flavorful. I didn't understand how key lime and mango were suppose to gel together and the friend's cupcake's frosting tasted mostly like butter. So disappointing but to end on a high note, we did enjoy our dinner and an evening out watching artists create art live.

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