Buffalo Bucket List, Part 2

August 5, 2014

While my Buffalo Bucket List mostly consists of restaurants to go to, I have been to new sites around the city in the past month. Special thanks to my friend Jenn and the special friend, both of whom are Buffalo natives and have gladly me shown me around the city.

Berry Picking:
located at: 9270 Lapp Road, Clarence Center, New York
I've been dying to go any sort of fruit picking since Western New York is home to berry picking, apple picking, pumpkin patches, etc. Jenn and I got ourselves some beautiful and tasty blueberries from Greg's U-Pick Farm in Clarence Center, New York. It was heaps of fun but if you are slightly anal like me, the quest for the ripest, perfect blueberry can be exhausting. Once I realized I didn't have to be so crazy, my bucket started filling up quickly with good berries.

Lake Effect Ice Cream:
located at: 79 Canal Street, Lockport, New York
After berry picking, Jenn and I drove up to Lockport to try out the unique and somewhat crazy flavors of ice cream at Lake Effect Ice Cream. Known for their boozy ice cream and locally inspired flavors (Loganberry and Sponge Candy), I knew I had to try out this place before I left. I seriously could have sampled different flavors all day but I didn't want to waste the employee's time.
Jenn's grey Earl Grey ice cream
I sampled a blue cheese-whiskey-walnut (kinda stinky but not too bad), chocolate-cayenne-cinnamon (way too spicy---it burned!), Labatt beer-peanut-chocolate pretzel (beer was okay tasting) and I settled on a vanilla with peanut butter and chocolate covered potato chips. Jenn ordered an Earl Grey Tea ice cream that tasted just like Earl Grey Tea! I wish the shop wasn't 30 miles away because I would definitely go back to sample more flavors.

City Hall:
unfiltered Buffalo, in all its glory
One of the best views of Buffalo is from the free observation deck at the top of Buffalo's Art Deco City Hall. I decided on a day off from work to not just go up to the observation deck but to partake in a tour at City Hall as well. City Hall is definitely a beauty and I did learn a lot about Buffalo from my very chatty, Buffalo-loving tour guide.

Beef on Weck:
I think I've had plenty of Beef on Weck in Buffalo to know that I'm not the biggest fan of its flavor combo of salty and spicy (of the horseradish variety). But something about the sandwich keeps me intrigued. When I found out that a local macaroni and cheese food truck makes a Beef on Weck Macaroni, I knew I had to have it.
I tracked down Fally Mac and enjoyed the cheesy, spicy mac and cheese with tender roast beef tucked inside. Along with the Beef on Weck Sushi I had from Seabar and the Beef on Weck Flat Bread Pizza I had a Pearl Street, this is a winner in my book. I think I just don't like the original sandwich form of the Beef on Weck.

The Old Pink Steak Sandwich:
located at: 223 Allen Street, Allentown, Buffalo, New York
And speaking of sandwiches, another iconic sandwich in Buffalo is a steak sandwich from a local dive bar, The Old Pink  (which is an unmarked, but ornately painted building that all Buffalonians know as The Old Pink or just The Pink). All I knew was that the sandwich was delicious and I needed to try it. (This article goes in depth of The Old Pink Steak Sandwich history).
The sandwich: a strip steak grilled to perfection, topped with sautéed onions and peppers and provolone cheese and served with a pickle and a roll of paper towels. Optional: beer and steak sauce.

Wow, this sandwich was all I had hoped for and more. It was so tender, juicy and delicious. It immediately disappeared into my mouth and right to my full, happy belly.

...more to come on my final adventures around Buffalo.

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