The Twins Reunited

August 11, 2014

Before I make my move from Buffalo, Twin Sista made sure to come to visit me. She was here for the weekend and while we took a day trip to Toronto, I also had a chance to show her around Buffalo.
Twin Sista was more than happy to escape the humid, sweltering Houston summer for Buffalo and Toronto's breezy, mild summer. She was joined by her bf and we enjoyed our favorite pastime: eating!

After reading this Buzzfeed article about the world's best bakeries, I knew I had to go visit Bakerbots Baking in Toronto. Although they are known for their customizable ice cream sandwiches, they also serve cupcakes (lucky for me!). Their cupcakes vary in price from $2.25-2.50. I settled on a banana cupcake, which was $2.50 but we also ordered an oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich with fresh mint and oreo ice cream.
located at: 205 Delaware Ave, Dovercourt, Toronto, Canada
I had high hopes for this bakery since it was on a list that also had the famous Dominique Ansel Bakery (creator of the cronut) and other treasures of the world. I can't say that my life is better having patronized Bakerbots Baking. It was ok but nothing really wonderful. My cupcake was more like banana bread in cupcake form. It was pretty dense and not quite moist but the flavor was pretty good.
The ice cream in the ice cream sandwich was quite refreshing and tasty. Our oatmeal cookie wasn't soft as we had hoped. Nothing too special to be on a list of bakeries to see before you die. 
I did happen to find myself eating all sorts of baked goodies that day in Toronto. I was introduced to my first Portuguese Custard (aka Pastel de Nata), which was a buttery, sugary, gooey and a very decadent little tart. It was pretty delicious. Portuguese Custards are quite a hit in Toronto
I also found myself at Ding Dong Pastries again in Chinatown and with the Special Friend, raided the bakery for Chinese baked goodies. We must have picked out about ten pastries and I was so thrilled when I found out that all those goodies only cost $5.30! And they were so tasty too! 
one of our many Chinese pastries---a Taro pastry
After consulting Eater's The 38 Essential Toronto restaurants, Twin Sista suggested we eat at Momofuku Noodle Bar for dinner. We happily noshed on the Momofuku Ramen, Clam Ramen and even sampled a cold, spicy summer Ramen.
The evening ended with a short stop to Niagara Falls for some intense but also the most stunning fireworks I've seen all summer (sorry no pics). So glad I got to spend the weekend with Twin Sista, her bf Stanley and the Special Friend running around Canada. But there was some time to show Twin Sista some of my Buffalo Favorites, which have now become some of her favorites: Nickel City Cheese, the Lexington Co-Op, Betty's and Sweet_ness 7 Cafe. 

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