The Friday Hump Day Cupcake

April 18, 2015

Friday (yesterday), to most humans in America, is the start of the weekend: many eagerly wait during the school/work day for the fun of the weekend to begin. Well here in musician world, it actually is more like hump day. It literally is mid week for me since weekends are my primary work-filled days.

So after that lengthy intro, I just wanted to say I got a "hump day" cupcake on a Friday. [winky face emoji]

I've lived here in the Tampa Bay area for almost 7 months and have been staring at this sign that so boldly says CUPCAKES on my drive home all these months. I finally googled it since driving past that strip mall always left me confused---none of the buildings in that complex looked like it had a bakery.
located at: 4707 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa, Florida
The bakery: Enjoi Sweets & Company. It's a dessert shop opened Thursday through Sunday and also has a food truck. Along with cupcakes, they serve ice cream, cookies and brownies. There were only 4 flavors of cupcakes yesterday so I opted for a chocolate mint. Each cupcake is $2.50.

The cupcake was moist and fluffy while the frosting wasn't too overpoweringly minty. I'm a little confused about the chocolate cake because it had a hint of another flavor other than chocolate, maybe cinnamon? I could only taste the unique flavor when I had the cake alone but when eaten properly with the frosting, it was delicious. It was the perfect pick-me-up on this hump day kind of day.
On a side note: I was so quick to judge this place since it was in a nondescript strip mall and the inside of the shop wasn't as inviting as the plethora of other cupcake bakeries I've been to. And to be extra judgy, don't even get me started on the name of the place. So lesson learned: don't judge a book by its cover. This was a pretty decent cupcake!

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