One To Go...

June 10, 2015

Today's cupcake is brought to you by I Love Cupcakes, located in Largo, which is west of Tampa and Northwest of St. Petersburg. This marks the second to last bakery on my list of Cupcake Places To Go in Tampa. Almost done!!!
I Love Cupcakes is tucked inside a nondescript strip mall, which made it a little difficult to find. But once inside, I was greeted with a unique variety of cupcake flavors---about 12 options available. There were three "pie" flavors: banana cream, coconut cream and the one I ordered--Boston Cream Pie. There were also gluten-free options and seasonal flavors. Each cupcakes is $2.50.
The cake was a little dense but not dry. It just wasn't as fluffy as I like cakes to be. And it had a hearty flavor, almost as if it was made from a wheat flour, but I suppose this is because it wasn't too sweet. But the wonderful chocolate ganache on top the cupcake made up for this hearty cake flavor. I wish that the custard filling was more present but overall, this wasn't a bad cupcake. In the thick of my cupcaking, this cupcake was welcomed with open arms.

I Love Cupcakes
13220 Belcher Road
Largo, Florida

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