Best of 2018

December 30, 2018

2018 was a big year for Chungs: Twin Sista welcomed a baby girl in August, I received tenure at my job and Big Sista became an elected official. It was also a year of some firsts: I went on my first "diet" (the Whole30) and dyed my hair for the first time 💁🏻‍♀️. Here are highlights from twenty-eighteen: 

Best of 2018:

Best Meal: I suppose this year didn't have any extravagant meals but one of the best things I ate this year was a lobster roll from a pop-up restaurant at Columbus Park Ramen Shop here in Kansas City. It was buttery, flavorful with large, tasty chunks of lobster. 

Craziest Bite: The Flaming Hot Cheetos Cupcake from Sprinkles was a strange mix of pungent cheese, a sweet cake and spicy cheetos. Still not sure if I enjoyed it but it was a unique experience.

Best New Baked Recipe: My Saturday afternoon project of making Funfetti Macaroons was met with a delicious treat that I happily added to my baking repertoire. 

Best New Kitchen Gadget: The Bamboo Steam Basket aided me in making so many dumplings this summer. Soup dumplings, baos and potstickers were created with the help of this super handy basket. 

Best Cooking Adventure: My entire journey through the Whole30 was challenging in finding ways to avoid sugar, grains, legumes and still feel satisfied and satiated. I found some recipe keepers and really did enjoy the meals I made for the 1+ month I was on this meal plan. 

Best Cupcake: The apple spice cupcake from Bloom Baking Co. was the perfect treat after a month and a half away from sweets after embarking on the Whole30. It combined a light and flavorful cake that wasn't too sweet to make it my favorite cupcake of 2018! 

2018 By The Numbers:
47 blog posts (and this is also my 500th post!)
40 days on the Whole30 journey
7 cupcakes eaten
4 books read (this might be a record in the past decade)
1 city lived in (so happy not to be moving anymore!)

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