Cupcake and Pie Bottle Cap Magnets

December 26, 2018

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone had a relaxing, food coma-filled day filled with lots of love and joy. This post should have been written/posted before Christmas but I was like a chicken with its head cut off for the week leading up to Christmas so here it is, after the holiday. (You can save this to make in the future for the holidays or make this craft while on Christmas vacation). 

In addition to holiday baking this time of year, I usually make a little Christmas crafty gift for family and friends. The requirements for the craft are to make something cute and useful (I'm a practical person so I like to make gifts that can be put to good use).
I may be one of the few people that still appreciates a good magnet. I know that with fancy stainless steel fridges, it’s harder to come by a fridge filled with an assortment of fun magnets. When I moved into my apartment last year, I intentionally bought a magnetic board from Ikea just so I could have a place for my magnets in the kitchen.
When I saw these cute bottle cap food magnets while googling, I knew they were the perfect project this year. Since I’m not a heavy drinker these days, I outsourced getting bottle caps from friends who keep a well stocked fridge of beer. So if you have a few bottle caps laying around, make these adorable dessert bottle cap magnets. (Watch this video for a visual on how to make them).

Cupcake and Bottle Cap Magnets adapted from HGTV Handmade 
Materials Needed:
bottle caps
tan felt
hot glue gun
Elmer's glue
red/blue sequins or beads
pink felt
rainbow colored sequins or beads
magnets (these are super strong!)
E6000 Craft Glue
1. To make the pie magnet, cut six thin strips of tan felt and one strip of felt that will line the walls of the bottlecap. Hot glue gun the one strip of felt onto the walls of the bottlecap and trim off excess felt.
2. Fill the bottlecap with Elmer's glue and then throw in the sequins or beads. Continue adding in layers of glue and sequins/beads until the bottlecap is filled. Let dry.
3. Arrange the remaining felt strips into a 3x3 lattice. Place a layer of Elmer's glue on top of the sequins/beads and then lay the lattice strips onto the glue. Use hot glue to glue the hanging strips onto the sides on the bottlecap. Let dry overnight.
4. Use E6000 glue on the back of the bottlecap to adhere the magnet. Let dry for a few hours.
5. To make the cupcake, cut 3 circles with the pink felt that will fit in the bottlecap. Then cut 5 circles that decrease in size from the circles that fit inside the cap.
6. Use E6000 glue to adhere the first felt circle into the cap. Then use hot glue gun to glue the remaining circles, gluing them in order of largest to smallest.
7. Use hot glue to glue an array of colored sequins onto the top of the "cupcake."
8. Use E6000 glue to stick the magnet onto the back of the bottlecap. Let dry for a few hours.

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