Chocolate Chip Cookie Test No. 11: The Shortbread Ones

November 27, 2019

These chocolate chunk shortbread cookies were dubbed #thecookies in 2018 after becoming a viral sensation. I attempted to make them back then to pretty disastrous results so I only found it fitting that after baking so many cookies this past year, I could have a more successful attempt this time around.
These aren't the typical chocolate chip cookie I prefer since they are crunchy and quite crumbly--but that's what makes shortbread shortbread. And since these were so internet famous and I have a new obsession with all recipes by Alison Roman, I tried a second bake of these cookies.

The Recipe: Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies from Alison Roman
Recipe Notes: 

  • uses salted butter, cold from the fridge so no need to wait for butter to soften
  • deb of smitten kitchen suggests using european salted butter but i think that is what caused my cookies not to hold their shape since it is less than the amount of butter needed in the recipe (by only 5 grams)
  • chill the dough for a couple hours before baking
  • the egg is only used for egg wash before baking and not in the dough. then the dough is rolled in demerara sugar
  • these are slice and bake cookies---the first in my chocolate chip cookie quest
  • topped with sea salt
  • these don't spread much in the oven so you can place more on the baking sheet
Overall: These are deliciously buttery with a nice salty punch. They aren't too sweet since I used 60% dark chocolate. I still prefer chewy cookies but these are pretty tasty. 🍪🍪🍪

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