November 29, 2019

While my activity here in this tiny space on the interwebs hasn't had many updates in the past few months, I've actually been pretty active, trying new recipes and using my friends as guinea pigs. (I have upped the casual dinner "parties" since I recently purchased my first, grown-up dining table). 

 Alison Roman Dishes: 
I've recently developed a girl crush on chef/NY Times food columnist/creator of viral recipes Alison Roman and have found her recipes so low-key, completely delicious and also impressive to serve. If my bf thinks I'm fancy for cooking these dishes, then I'm really fooling him with these simple-to-make recipes. Check out her Crispy Pork Chops with Buttered Radishes and Everyday Salmon with Tangy Cucumbers and Crispy Shallots (I've been accessing her recipes through the NY Times Cooking Subscription but was able to find the recipes at the above links for free).

Rice for a Crowd:
I love the idea of having a dish served in a pot and directly consumed from the pot at the table amongst a group of friends (it's very Korean). My friends and I enjoyed Crispy Cheese and Kimchi Topped Skillet Rice (which was an excellent way to get rid of some old kimchi).

And I was pleasantly surprised when my first paella turned out completely delicious (I used some saffron I bought in Barcelona this summer). Even though this Mixed Sausage Paella didn't have the traditional seafood mix-ins, it was still immensely enjoyable.

Other Dishes Enjoyed (Without Pictures):

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