The Chewy Snickerdoodle

December 14, 2019

Last week was the start of marathon Christmas concerts at work and the best way to uplift a group of tired musicians is always with food. What better way is there to help my colleagues through the holiday season than with some festive baked goodies. While I bookmarked a couple recipes from The Perfect Cookie book for this year's round of Christmas cookies, I immediately changed my mind after seeing this article from The Kitchn about the Best Snickerdoodle Recipe.

I chose to bake the version that would yield a chewy cookie and the end result was a buttery, perfectly chewy and with the right punch of cinnamon sugar. My only complaint is that they weren't as puffy and domed as I'd hope a picture-perfect snickerdoodle would be but I suppose that is the risk I took by choosing the chewy option (there is an option for a cakey texture, which requires more mixing).
I'm excited to see what the Holiday Baking Season has in store for me---I have a few ideas stored away but I can foresee my exhaustion from my holiday craft taking over in the coming week (more on that soon).

The Recipe: Bon Appetit's Best Snickerdoodles

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