Happy Ten Years, Blog!

June 9, 2021

Happy tenth birthday, blog! I can't believe that it's been a decade since I wrote my first post and it's making me feel super nostalgic. 

To celebrate this occasion, I am eating a cupcake from my favorite bakery here in Kansas City: Dolce Bakery (which fell victim to a little smooshing in my car this morning and I tried my best to make the frosting more presentable for photos). 
The blog started as a way to keep track of all the cupcake bakeries I visited in Chicago during a very stressful summer in 2011. The cupcake adventures were mainly a distraction from a challenging time for me professionally and honestly, writing here during that time was therapeutic even though I never hinted about what was going on behind the scenes---I stuck with only talk of cupcakes. 
And now many years later, there is much less cupcake eating and the blog has evolved into more of a recipe journal. It's been fun to look back on the cooking and baking projects that I've tackled over the years (and especially during the peak of the pandemic). And the past posts are a fun reminder of all the cities I've lived in, the jobs I've had, the boyfriends I dated, the food I ate, the vacations I took, etc. 

Thank you to my small but loyal following. I hope that my little corner of the internet sparks joy or curiosity or entices you to embrace the happiness that cupcakes bring me. 

It was never my intention to turn this into a monetizing venture or to even gain a large following. It's mostly a creative outlet for me outside of music and I hope my writing/photography/cooking skills have grown a little bit in the past decade. Maybe one day I'll buy a real fancy camera and learn to take beautiful pictures of my food or maybe I'll finally publish a post without ANY typos....a girl can dream. 

And the moniker of Lil Chung might not be the most appropriate anymore as I head into middle age but I'll always be the littlest Chung of my family. 

Blog By The Numbers:
603 posts
159 different cupcake bakeries/restaurants/cafes/grocery stores visited
29 different cities where I got cupcakes
18 chocolate chip cookie recipes baked
12 cupcake recipes baked
8 blog layout makeovers
6 cities I've lived in
3 unconventional cupcakes eaten (croissant hybrid/savory meatloaf/bread pudding)
3 guest posts
3 chicken topped cupcakes (here, here and here)

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