Chocolate Chip Cookie Test No. 17- The Basic Great Chocolate Chip Cookie

February 28, 2022

Three years ago when I did my chocolate chip cookie baking quest for the best recipe, I had bookmarked this recipe for Tara O'Brady's that was deemed THE favorite in a cookie-a-thon from Tasty (Buzzfeed). Their cookie-a-thon had ten total recipes, four of which I included in my initial cookie throwdown. 
On a chilly day in February, I decided baking Tara's cookies would help boost morale at work as well as warm up a chilly week here in Kansas City. If only chocolate chip cookies could have the power to stop wars...
The Recipe: Tara O'Brady's Basic, Great Chocolate Chip Cookie from her cookbook Seven Spoons

Recipe Notes:
  • uses melted (not brown) butter
  • calls for both baking soda and baking powder
  • chopped chocolate rather than chips are used
  • no rest time needed (except if dough is too warm or super glossy, then a 5 minutes rest period in the fridge is needed). 
  • cookies are larger than a cookie scoop---3 tbs servings but I lowered it to a heaping 2 tbs 
  • topped with flaky salt 
Overall: These cookies were a definite hit at work. I was impressed at how substantial, puffy and domed the cookies turned out. As with all non-brown butter cookies, I'm always missing that caramelized flavor but these were packed with so much lovely vanilla flavor. I accurately used the amount of chocolate in the recipe (except I used a mix of chopped chocolate and chips since I ran out of chocolate bars) and these are filled with so much chocolatey goodness. These are great cookies when you don't want to wait for butter to soften or a dough to rest. From start to finish, you'll have cookies in a half hour! 🍪🍪🍪

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