Paczki Day 2022

March 1, 2022

Paczki Day always excites me but progressively has stressed me out since it's hard add variety to my paczki annual consumption when I live in a city that doesn't quite embrace this blessed doughnut eating day. My one consistent source has been at an Australian bakery (of all places) but this year they were not going to partake in the holiday. 

Last year I baked them and one year I purchased them at a local grocery store. I was short on time this year so I tried to purchase a box at my local Hy-vee but sadly they were not there. Instead I decided to just buy any filled doughnut to celebrate this day. 
Fluffy Fresh Donuts--a no-frills donut shop, had ONE remaining bismarck for me to enjoy. Fried, sugary, decadent and delicious: a perfect way to start the new month and a way to keep my tradition of paczki eating on Fat Tuesday. 


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