Whole30 Restaurant Dining in KC

August 27, 2022

This time around on my Whole30 journey, I tried to find Whole30 friendly restaurants since I wanted to be social with my friends by dining out. I had a few poor experiences the last time I was doing Whole30 so I wanted to at least make the dining experiences better. This guide on the Whole30 site specifically for Kansas City was a wonderful resource, even though it was a few years old and several restaurants fell victim to pandemic closures. 
DIY salad bowl from Cultivare Greens & Grains
Whole30 Restaurant Dining Tips: 
  • Call ahead if you're unsure of the way the food is being prepared. 
  • Bring your own dressings/sauces or ask for oil/vinegar. 
  • Salads are pretty safe. Also roasted and grilled meat/vegetables are usually safe. Marinated meats may contain sugar and other non-compliant ingredients. 
  • Poke places also are safe if you come with coconut aminos in hand (or make your own sauce) and stick to plain fish, compliant vegetables and toppings. 
  • I found the best luck with restaurants catered to specific dietary restrictions or organic, healthy ones.
sumac beef bowl from The Russell

National Chains that have Whole30 Friendly Menus: 
  • Chipotle-they have lifestyle bowls that available when ordering online. Chicken/carnitas are fair game! Along with guacamole, fajita peppers and tomato salsa!
  • Zoe's Kitchen-they used to have a Whole30 approved menu on their site but it appears to no longer be available. I found this old article from Cooking Light which outlines which menu items are compliant. 
A.M. Scramble from Ruby Jean's Juicery

(A very incomplete) Kansas City Whole30 Restaurants List (with the help from this list): 
  • Blue Sushi Sake Grill (or any sushi restaurant) has a ceviche bowl where I omitted the wonton crisps, the jalapeno salsa (wasn't sure if it had sugar) and chili oil. It ended up being a bowl of delicious fresh fish but any of their plain sashimi (not smoked or fried) could work if you use your own coconut aminos. 
  • Cultivare Greens & Grains has a craft-your-own salad with many salad greens as a base. Grilled chicken/roasted cauliflower are suitable proteins, lots of fresh veggie toppings and their chimichurri sauce doesn't contain any sweetener. 
  • Enjoy Pure Food + Drink has a Clasico Salad where you can omit the turkey, cheddar and dressing to make it compliant. 
  • Freestyle Poke has a freestyle option with zucchini noodles as a base. Stick with plain fish and veggie toppings (nothing marinated/pickled or in a salad). 
  • Gigi's Vegan + Wellness Cafe has their Westport Salad that would be great without the dressing. 
  • The Mixx has a menu online that guides you through how to make their entrees work for the Whole30 diet. 
  • Pokeloha has a build your own option that has salad or zucchini noodles as a base. Just stick with plain fish and compliant plain veggies/toppings.
  • Pokesan offers mixed greens or cauliflower rice as a base. 
  • Ruby Jean's Juicery's breakfast menu has an AM scramble that is perfect without the toast. The Keto Un Fried Rice and Keto Blackened Salad could also be compliant but the restaurant never responded to my inquiry.
  • The Russell has salad bowls that you can omit grains, cheese and dressing and you can ask for oil and vinegar or bring along your favorite dressing. 
ceviche at Blue Sushi Sake Grill

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