Mini Ornament Earrings

December 22, 2023

For my annual Christmas craft this year, I had grand plans to make a spa-treatment gift and planned early by purchasing all the materials a month ago. But after a trip to Hobby Lobby a few weeks, I was steered in a different direction for my DIY gifts this year. 
Disappointed by the holiday earring options at Hobby Lobby, I found myself staring at a wall of mini ornaments and thinking, "these would make great earrings." So after buying many packages of mini ornaments and some jewelry making equipment, I was making jewelry for the first time. (Hobby Lobby had the funniest mini nutcracker head ornaments that I gifted to all my fellow nutcracker orchestral musicians). 

This craft is super easy because all you really need are pliers to assemble. In the future, I'll try to actually create my own holiday earrings, but for an easy DIY gift, these repurposed ornaments were the perfect gift for all my earring-wearing friends. (Sorry non-earring wearers, next year I'll include you!). 
Mini Ornament Earrings
mini ornaments (Hobby Lobby has a line of accessories for mini trees called my little christmas that are perfect)
jump rings (6mm and 8mm)
earring backs
1. Remove any ornament hooks or string from ornament. 
2. Open a jump ring with pliers. Attach ornament to the jump ring (use 8mm for larger ornament hook area). Use pliers to close the jump ring. 
3. Attach another jump ring (6mm) if the ornament is directional and needs to face forward. 
4. Attach the earring hook to the jump ring and use pliers to close the jump ring. 
5. Secure earring onto ear with earring back. 
6. Enjoy! 

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