Paczki Day 2023

February 21, 2023

Happy Paczki Day! (aka the day before Lent begins, which means the day to eat beignets, king cake and Polish Doughnuts called paczki). 
This year I decided to try to get my paczki fix from Hy-Vee since reddit told me they usually sell them. I also grabbed Bavarian cream-filled bismarck from a local donut shop, Fresh Donuts, because it was conveniently located next door to the grocery store. 
After 8 years, I remember why I hadn't revisited the grocery store-paczki option until now: they just aren't as delicious as a regular donut shop doughnut. I'm so glad I got the bismarck from Fresh Donuts as a backup---it was so fluffy and tasty! The Hy-Vee one was bland yet overly sweet. 
Next year, if I'm ambitious, I'll try to make Semlor, which are Swedish Fat Tuesday cream-filled buns. Or maybe even a king cake


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