Marbled Cheesecake Hamantaschen

March 9, 2023

I love baking for holidays that celebrate with cookies. Even though I do not celebrate Purim, I love finding new hamantaschen cookie recipes every year for the holiday. These triangular-shaped filled cookies are always a delight to make and even more delightful to eat. 
I've made savory, marzipan, custard but never the original with poppyseed or jam. This year I tried Smitten Kitchen's marbled shortbread, cheesecake-filled hamantaschen---and I was super excited to try a new dough besides the ubiquitous plain shortbread cookie. 
The Recipe: Marbled Cheesecake Hamantaschen from Smitten Kitchen have a balanced chocolate/cheesecake flavor while being packaged in the cutest triangle cookie. Super flavorful and not too sweet to make the perfect hamantaschen for 2023! Use her video to help with rolling out the dough to form beautifully marbled cookies. 

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