Best of 2020

January 4, 2021

What else is there to say about 2020 that hasn't been said already? Aside from the obvious, a positive thing for me in 2020 was that I got to spend every weekend this summer at the farmers market, becoming more familiar with local, seasonal produce. I'm sticking with my usual yearly roundup to focus on some of the positive aspects of 2020 and am eagerly looking forward to brighter and happier times ahead. Happy 2021! 
Best of 2020:

Best Meal: Just two weeks before the world shut down, a small group of friends and I ate a fun meal at one of the fancier/popular restaurants here in KC: Novel. Little did we know that that would be one of the last times we'd all be eating out together. To be honest, I don't remember that much from the meal since last February seems like lifetimes ago but I do remember thinking the food was creative and delicious and the company even better. 

Best New Ingredient: Okra-this surprises me since okra used to be on my I-do-not-enjoy-you list. I found them surprisingly not too slimy and delicious in succotash, gumbo and pasta

Best New Baked Recipe: I absolutely loved the French Apple Cake I baked with my apple picking haul. While the cake didn't have that many ingredients, it was still so flavorful and incredibly tasty. 

Best New Kitchen Gadget: I have been so obsessed with my air fryer that I got in late October that I probably haven't used a new gadget with this much frequency. I love how everything cooks so quickly and have found some fun new favorite recipes. 

Craziest Bite: Bacon-Wrapped Chutney Bananas were as strange as they sound: smoky, bacony fruit? Not a combo I need to try again. 

Best Cooking Adventure: There have been so many cooking adventures to choose from this year and I happily recorded videos as a reminder of making them. I loved that I had the time to explore yeasted baked good options with pizza, babka and herby rolls and attempted my first pie (albeit savory). Can't narrow it down to one dish so I'll say all of the yeasted doughs I baked were my favorite adventures in 2020. 

Best Cupcake: Luckily the one cupcake I purchased this year (although I did bake cupcakes a couple times this year) was pretty decent and can be deemed the best cupcake of 2020. Thanks, Billie's Bakery for this afternoon snack

2020 by the numbers: 
43 blog posts
16 food videos created (my new silly hobby of 2020 since I love watching time-lapse videos of cooking). 
9 months of pandemic living
7 books read (most I've read in decades!)
5 different farmers markets visited in the KC metro
2 jigsaw puzzles completed (was way late to jump on that train)
1 cupcake eaten (the fewest in the last 9 years of this blog!)

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